Fatiha, Ebru

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The edition is limited to 250 examples; 200 examples printed on Pearl Pigment paper numbered 1 to 200; twenty-five examples reserved for the Artist, numbered from I to XXV; twenty-five examples reserved for the Publisher, numbered 1 to 25.

Title: The Fatiha, (Ebru)

Year: 2016

Medium: Original Pigment-Print

Script: Tokça Sülüs

Image size: 19x15"

Signed by the artist on the certificate page

In the name of God, Whose mercy is comprehensive, Whose mercy is specific.

Thankful praise belongs to God, the Lord of the universe, the comprehensibly merciful, the specifically merciful, the possessor of the day of reward.

You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us [to, on] the straight road, the road of those on whom You have bestowed Your blessings—not those who bear Your anger, nor those who stray.

Each exclusive limited edition Original Pigment-Print was hand-crafted especially for the print medium. This beautiful print entitled, "The Fatiha, (Ebru)", will be limited to a total of 250 signed copies. The breakdown of the limited edition is detailed below.


Be sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer to collect Mohamed Zakariya's first limited edition print series of The Fatiha!

Artist's note:
The opening chapter of the Quran, the Surat al Fatiha has seven verses. It is considered by thoughtful scholars to hold the basic concepts embedded in the Quran and is a guide and introduction to the Quran and the Islamic religion. Muslims recite the Fatiha aloud or silently at least 17 times in their daily prayers.

Quranic texts cannot be translated into English or other languages in a word-for-word manner. Entire concepts can be embodied in a single word, often requiring paragraphs or even pages of interpretation.

No translation or interpretation can begin to convey the depth of these texts. Nevertheless, I think it is worthwhile to try to delineate the meaning in a way that can at least make the Fatiha intelligible. Here is my attempt, in which I concentrate solely on meaning and do not try to mimic the sound, rhyme, or rhythm of the original.